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Another busy year is wrapping up. It was a personal thrill for me to finally launch the 3rd edition of my book, How to grow your hospitality business - a guide for owners and managers on Monday night. Writing a book involves a certain determination to see the project through as well as coping with the detail and demands of the editing process. There is a deep satisfaction that goes along with finally touching the finished product. Writing a book is an emotional roller coaster and it certainly gives me tremendous pleasure to know that it's now done.

The launch included close friends and colleagues as well as our students who prepared a delicious array of canapes as well as planning and managing the event. I made a short presentation on certain themes are making the rounds in our hospitality world. 


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Celia making presentation

Competition for hospitality businesses has never been tougher. There are lots more businesses out there and every month there are new openings. I have just been in Christchurch for the Symposium of Food and there seems as many new openings...

The casualisation of food has meant the growth of platters and shared plates which seems to me has served two purposes - the reduction in cost in kitchen by combining meals on to one plate and hopefully reducing the cost so that we have more budget to eat our more regularly. There is a down side however, the rush for the plate when you don't have your own exclusive offering and the fact the so often the food is just dumped on a plate with little attention to the art and creativity of how to place the food to make it look beautiful. With shared plates I find that food is consumed much faster.

Lower cost so you eat out more


•          Better understanding of gastronomy by chefs at the high end but not diners


•          The Dream – aspirational and reality of making it work

•          Describing in more detail the styles of business

Cafes are easy to understand and kiwis feel comfortable

Restaurants are confusing

Style of service

Style of beverages available


What is distinctive about New Zealand’s Cuisine?                  

Still lack a deep food culture and understanding of ingredients and culinary techniques

Most people do not understand the fusion or mish mash of concepts on a menu


Dana Pau Catherine Bell Canada

 Hay Family

My tribe at the book launch. Daniel (21) is working through his engineering degree while in truth is more focused on the statistical analysis of cricket and predicting game outcomes and player performance. As a sideline Dan is recording the first album of his progressive rock band, The Dark Third. Alice (14) has just finished Year 9 and has her holiday job lined-up working at our café on Customs Street West. Last weekend she completed 40k of the Lake Taupo cycle challenge. Oliver (23) works in the geotech division of Tonkin and Taylor Engineers and recently completed the WSET Level 2. For Christmas, we will head to Queenstown for our annual tramp and then off to Pigeon Bay. 



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