White wine paring with Xiamen's renowned cuisine

Wine 1 lineup 

The lineup of white wines

Zonin Prosecco, Dr Loosen Riesling from Mosel, Vidal Pinot Gris, Elephant Hill Sauvignon Blanc, Joseph Mellot Sancerre, Framingham F Series Sauvignon Blanc, Framingham Noble Riesling.

Wine 1 prawns

Pan-seared crispy prawns found a perfect partner in the Dr Loosen Riesling as well as the Joseph Mellot Sancerre.


Wine 1 worms

Tusundong - sea worm jelly - which again worked very well with the Dr Loosen Riesling and Joseph Mellot Sancerre as well as Vidal Pinot Gris.


Wine 1 Pork sausage most delicious

 Chinese stuffed sausage was delicious with the Elephant Hill Sauvignon Blanc, Joseph Mellot Sancerre and Framingham F Sauvignon Blanc.

Wine 1 crispy schnitzel

 The Crispy pork with crumbs was a popular choice with nearly all the wines from  Prosecco, Riesling, Sancerre and Elephant Hill Sauvignon Blanc from Hawkes Bay and Framingham's F, a big MLF, spicy, pungent Sauv from Marlborough.

 Wine 1 Pork intestine with sweet caramel sauce

 Caiguo - deep fried pork intestines! with a sweet, almost caramel sauce that was an instant success with Framingham's noble Riesling.

Wine 1 Roger translating for Celia

Roger translating for Celia

Wine 1 groupWine 1 food match 

An interesting combination of flavours.



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