Bartending & Cocktails, 3 Nights

Have fun, learning how the professionals tend bar and make cocktails.


Over three sessions you will start with an understanding of how a bar works and some basic service techniques. You will then move on to cocktail and mixology working with classics such as Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Mojito and Caipirinha. Understanding the tastes and flavours of spirits and liqueurs is the key to making great cocktails. You will learn new skills and tricks of the trade that will build your confidence at making and presenting mixed drinks and cocktails at home or at work.

This course incorporates both our Classic Cocktails and Bartending & Flair courses. 


  • Introduction to Cocktails and Bartending
  • Bar Equipment
  • Garnishes
  • Product Knowledge
  • Ingredients
  • Customer service technique
  • Basic Bar service techniques
  • Beer and wine service


  • Cocktail introduction
  • Cocktail Equipment
  • Cocktail recipe structure
  • Built drinks
  • Shaken Drinks


  • Shaken Drinks
  • Muddled Drinks
  • Flavour Construction and Mixology
  • Creating your own Recipes

Cocktails 3

Course Requirements

  • Aged 18 or over

What Qualifications will I Gain?

  • NZSFW Certificate in Cocktail & Mixology

Part Time | 3 Evenings

Part Time | 3 Evenings

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