Teacher Professional Development

Join us for our Wednesday afternoon Personal Development session, sharing new techniques and enjoying a glass of wine while you learn and network.  

Wednesday 8 March: Cooking under vacuum: poaching in sous vide

This is an intriguing and healthy way to prepare food. Easily adapted for some ingredients in the classroom, it also introduces new technology into the kitchen. 

4 - 6.30pm

Wednesday 5 April: Baking Breads

Leavening breads with yeast or a sourdough starter offers interesting insights into the natural chemistry of cooking. Add to this the growing popularity of alternative grains like rye or cornmeal and you have a great class.

4 - 6.30pm

Wednesday 10 May: Gluten free dough

Some new tips about cooking without gluten and finding ways to transform the classic pizza.

4 - 6.30pm

Wednesday 10 May: Fermenting foods

This method of cookery is capturing the imagination of many chefs as they experiment with different techniques to prepare cabbage, vegetables, special beverages.

4 - 6.30pm

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Course Requirements

Teachers with a current New Zealand teaching registration

What Qualifications will I Gain?

A two and a half hour session to learn new techniques and network with your peers

One Evening

One Evening

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