The Study of Wine

The world of wine is expansive and very exciting, and can also be intimidating when you begin your journey.

Learning more about wine can enrich your life in many ways - whether it be for career development, or to become more skilled at choosing wine to enjoy with friends. 

Becoming a wine 'expert' involves developing your knowledge in the following areas:

Your palate

Tasting wine is a personal experience. 'Calibrating your palate' to appreciate a wine's appearance, bouquet, taste and vintage happens by sampling and evaluating a diverse range of styles.


The complex and fascinating process of bringing the grape to the glass developed over centuries  

Wine varietals

The world of wine - regions, styles, traditions. 

NZSFW Wine Pathway

 Certificate in Wine

An entry level course beginning your journey to develop your palate and learn about the fundamentals of winemaking. Focussing on New Zealand wines, you will taste excellent examples of the styles which have gained global attention.

 WSET Level Two - Wine & Spirits

Discover further depth about wine production, styles and the important wine producing regions of the world. Spirits and liqueurs are also included. An introduction to the systematic tasting and description of wine. 

WSET Level Three - Wine 
Greater detail about how the facets of wine production influence the different wine regions of the world. Developing your palate to better appreciate wine quality.
 French Wine Scholar

Everything you need to become fully versed in the world of French wines. Presenting each French wine region as an integrated whole by explaining the impact of history, geology, topography and climate on the wine in the glass. Taste a wide variety of matching wines.

WSET Level Two - Spirits 

The characteristics that define the principal spirits and liqueurs of the world - highlighting major international brands as well as new trends and innovations.


Wine Resources 

Celia Hay's New Zealand Wine Guide, winner of the Gourmand World Book Award 'Best in the World' title for Wine and Tourism, is the definitive guide to the grape varieties and unique wine regions of New Zealand. This book will provide a wealth of knowledge essential for further understanding of winemaking, and how regional characteristics can shape the wine in the glass.

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