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How to Grow Your Hospitality Business

If you are looking to make a financial commitment into a hospitality business, this eye-opening book will be exactly what you need.

How to grow your Hospitality Business is an essential tool for those in the hospitality sector.

The third edition takes into account the developments in dining style and innovative concepts, business compliance and marketing advice including the huge impact of the growth in digital marketing and social media.

For aspiring owners as well as managers and students of hospitality, this book is a must. 

For people wanting to set up their own business, you can also attend workshops at the New Zealand School of Food and Wine.

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For aspiring owners as well as managers and students of hospitality, this book is a must. Even the enthusiastic diner will discover interesting insights into the operation of a hospitality business and the origins of New Zealand’s hospitality and tourism sector. 

How to Grow Your Hospitality Business delivers comprehensive advice for establishing a successful café, bar or restaurant. It covers a wide range of topics, from characteristics required as a host through the financial, legal and compliance aspects of a business to menu development and costing, team building, marketing and customer service. 

This fully revised third edition is full of real-life examples and interesting background information, and it draws on Celia Hay’s extensive experience in hospitality, which has included growing a number of diverse and successful businesses. Celia manages to balance instruction with the readability that even the most experienced hosts will enjoy. 

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