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New Zealand Wine Guide

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The spectacular growth of New Zealand’s wine industry has attracted worldwide attention. Never far from the sea, New Zealand’s long warm summers with cool nights provide a unique environment for growing grapes. Wine lovers, captivated by the brightness of fruit aromas displayed in each glass of New Zealand wine, are eager to learn more about the grape varieties and the wine regions where they come from. 

Celia Hay, Director of the New Zealand School of Food and Wine and well-respected wine educator, explains in detail about New Zealand’s wine regions, significant grape varieties, and wines produced.

A selection of local maps, explanations of vine growing, and winemaking processes, illustrated with helpful photographs and diagrams, makes this book an invaluable resource. Also included are extensive recommendations of wines to taste that express the different styles of winemaking and their regional character.

Kevin Judd’s breathtaking photographs dramatically illustrate vineyard life in these beautiful winegrowing regions of New Zealand.

This revised 2nd edition of The New Zealand Wine Guide is a concise and accessible guide for people wishing to discover New Zealand’s rich and distinctive world of wine.

We are currently taking pre-orders for this book which will be released in Jan 2020. 

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Winner of the Gourmand World Book Award Best in the World title for Wine and Tourism, the New Zealand Wine Guide is the definitive guide to the grape varieties and the unique wine regions of New Zealand.

This book appeals to wine enthusiasts as well as those looking to develop their professional wine knowledge.

This book is currently out of stock, the new edition will be released in Jan 2020. 


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