#Foodographynz - A dinner to practice your food styling skills 

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#Foodographynz winning shot by Gemma Miles.

Fifty excited food stylists joined us for the first #Foodographynz Dinner at the New Zealand School of Food and Wine. This is a concept that we have been wanting to host for sometime and reflects the interest in taking better photos on your phone. Social media and especially Instagram has given a whole new opportunity to celebrate and bring alive glorious ingredients, meals, colourful cocktails and even artistic coffees enjoyed at home or when you are out and about.

 Foodography presentation

The programme started with a short presentation covering tips on phone photo techniques, lighting and food styling. Following everyone split into groups to rotate around the various food stations.

Foodography Handout

 Selecting ingredients2

The were separate stations for each course with fresh and cooked condiments have been prepared by our chefs for the participants to select and style their dish. Condiments ranged from coriander leaves, bean shoots, edible flowers and coffee caviar.

 Food styling group + Sue

Participants worked as a pair and could bring along their favourite plates to personalise their dish or use our classic selection white crockery.

 Foodography plating

ON the phone

Participants had 20 minutes at each station to style, snap and upload their dish before moving to the next station.

Guest sitting at Foodog

There was time to enjoy the dishes as well over a glass of outstanding New Zealand wines. 

Looking at photos

A panel of judges then reviewed all the photos and selected three finalists for each course. The finalist were then presented to the group via a data projector. A show of hands determined the winning shot. Tony Stewart, owner of Clooney Restaurant had kindly donated the prize of a gastronomic dinner for two at Clooney Restaurant.

Lots of fun and laughs and some truly mouth-watering photos showing impressive creativity.

You can view many of the photos here https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/foodographynz/


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