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Certificate in Cookery, Foundation Level 3

  • Full Time
  • 11 or 18 Weeks
  • 23 NOV 2020
  • NZ$3,902*
  • NZQA Credits

Learn the foundation cookery skills to begin your culinary career and give you confidence in a professional kitchen. Follow this course with the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Advanced Level 4.


Learn the foundation cookery skills to begin your culinary career and give you confidence in a professional kitchen. Have fun learning these fundamental techniques!

Begin your culinary career, and fire up your cookery passion. 

This programme forms the first semester of the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery Advanced Level 4. Confidence in the kitchen can open doors for you locally and globally.


Please contact us directly to see if you are eligible. Call 09 377 7961


Culinary Techniques

We provide an education drawing on the French culinary tradition. This provides the foundation for many other cuisines.

Example dishes:

  • Braised onion tart with mesclun salad
  • Seared beef sirloin with parsley butter
  • Gazpacho with garlic croutons
  • Eggs Benedict with crispy bacon
  • Chocolate brownie
  • Pan-seared snapper with roast red pepper salsa
  • Thai rice pudding with coconut and lemongrass

Food Safety 

You will learn about food safety in a commercial kitchen and complete unit standards-based certification.

Knife Skills

You will learn essential knife skills to ensure safe and efficient equipment use, providing skills you will use for the duration of your career.

Summer School Programme - Evening Intensive

Starts on Monday, 23 November 2020


Graduates will be able to work as junior chefs in cafés, restaurants, catering, bars, clubs, resorts and hotels. Due to the highly practical nature of this course, NZSFW graduates are attractive to prospective employees.


We recommend that students complete the second semester and gain the Certificate in Cookery (Advanced) 

Our success stories


Former NZSFW Cookery Student Phoenix shares his passion for food, and how his study is shaping his restaurant career.  

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    • 23 November - 12 February 2021 (11 weeks)
    • Monday - Friday, 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm Intensive
  • 9 Feb 2021 - 11 June 2021 (18 Weeks)
  • 1 June 2021 - 1 Oct 2021 (18 Weeks)


  • Tuesday - Friday
  • 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Study Fees Free

All our full time NZQA Approved courses are eligible for Fees Free funding. 

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