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Wine class

Wine tasting & Quiz night

  • Full Time

Get together a group of friends, colleagues or clients to up-skill your wine knowledge.


Wine is so popular, yet so many of us know so little about the different grape varieties and the diverse regions that produce outstanding wines.

Get together a group of friends, colleagues or clients to up-skill your wine knowledge. Learn how to taste just like a professional. To test your new found knowledge, we have designed a wine quiz where groups of 3-5 compete with each other for a final prize.

The first part of the evening is a wine tasting tutorial, talking about the aromas and identifying flavors in wines. This is followed by a discussion of the major New Zealand or international wine regions.

The second part of the evening is the wine quiz, which involves questions about each of the mystery wines tasted, during a blind tasting.

This evening is informative yet casual and guaranteed to be lots of fun. At the end of the evening, you will leave with more confidence for occasions when you go to make a purchase in a wine shop or select from a wine list in a restaurant.

Platters with cheese, charcuterie, antipasto, breads and dips will also be served.

Page Updated: 04 May 2022

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  • One day - Monday, Thursday or Friday evenings 
  • 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


  • Includes a platter with cheese, charcuterie, anitpasto, bread and dips will also be served
  • Optional extras - Prizes (wine, aprons, cooking utensils/equipment, etc.)


  • NZ$90 includes canapés
  • Minimum booking - 10, Maximum booking - 50
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International Students

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