Our Hospitality programmes include Level Four, Five and Six qualifications, covering both a wide range of practical skills which will enable you to work in a range of frontline roles, progressing to essential skills required for supervisory or management roles.

Certificate in Food & Beverage, Barista, Wine & Spirits

Learn to be a skilled barista and bartender, understand the dynamic world of restaurants and cafés, learn how to taste and recommend wine pairs and make impressive cocktails, gain skills to work on superyachts or cruise ships and set sail on your international adventure.

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Certificate in Hospitality & Event Management Level 5

This comprehensive programme will prepare you for leadership roles and owning your own business. You will learn financial, operational and management skills which are essential for a hospitality business to thrive. We start with an introduction to New Zealand's legal framework and go on to modules on basic accounting, how to cost out and budget menus and wine and beverage lists. You will develop a keen understanding of hospitality business costs.

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New Zealand Diploma in Hospitality Management Level 6

Diploma Graduates can demonstrate a detailed understanding of accounting, budgeting and financial management. Practicum work-based assessments enable learners to develop a range of skills specific to the business environment. These include development of training and mentoring templates for junior staff, design and execution of social media event and marketing campaigns, analysis of business costs, risks and future business development strategies.

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