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Certificate in Food & Bev, Barista, Wine & Spirits, Level 4

  • Full Time
  • 16 Weeks
  • 2 September 2024
  • NZ$3,970
  • NZQA Credits

Learn the practical skills to become a barista, bartender, hospo professional. Understand the fascinating world of restaurants, wine and make cocktails.


The New Zealand Certificate in Food & Beverage Level 4, Barista, Wine & Spirits will develop practical skills to enhance your career opportunities, learn about the world of wine and spirits and build pathways to more senior restaurant and hospitality management roles. You can start your hospitality and event management career in this fast growing sector of the tourism and hospitality world.


NZFW2015 242
Module 1


You will learn what it takes to become one of the best hospitality service professionals. We start with the Barista Intensive a two-week programme where you learn about classic coffee styles, single-origin coffees, roasting styles, and working with milk and milk substitutes to make extraordinary coffees.

NZSFW Large 9
Module 2

Restaurant, Cafe service & LCQ

Customer service, restaurant, café, and sales skills form an important hands-on module of this program. The menu component focuses on understanding culinary terms, cookery techniques, ingredients, and specialist products like fresh herbs, bread and artisan cheeses.
Licensed Controller Qualification (LCQ) for the Sale of Alcohol Act 2012 qualifies you to become a duty manager for a licensed café, restaurant, or bar.

MG 6428
Module 3

New Zealand wines

The Certificate in New Zealand Wine explains how to taste wine and understand New Zealand's leading wine regions and at the same time introduces you to leading international grape varieties and wine appellations. You will learn about the leading New Zealand wineries and the styles of wine that make them famous.

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Module 4

International wines

You will gain a new appreciation of the importance of France's wine culture and complete the London based Wine and Spirit Trust (WSET) Award in Wine Level 1. This is a wonderful introduction and many of our students go on to further study and develop impressive careers in the dynamic international wine world.

IMG 2423 54447
Module 5

Bartending, Cocktails & Mixology

In this cocktail and mixology module, you will study key bartending skills and how to make classic cocktails, and those techniques of shaking, stirring, pressing, and crushing. You will learn about the international spirit categories and leading brands of spirits and liqueurs. This course includes the highly regarded Wine and Spirit Trust (WSET) Award in Spirits Level 2 which is an internationally recognized qualification.

012305BTPC 3967
Module 6

Accommodation & Event management

This module introduces you to guest services for hotel accommodation and interior (cabin) training for Super Yachts and Cruise Ships and is an introduction to event management and the organization of hosting and running events. You learn about the planning and organizational aspect of events.


During the program, you will have two weeks of work placement to gain hands-on experience in some of Auckland’s premier cafés and restaurants. During this time you will gain real-life insights into working as a junior Front of House (FOH) staff member in a restaurant and café. Many students are offered part-time work at these businesses following their work experience module.

Graduates will be able to work as junior FOH, waiters, and supervisors in cafés, restaurants, catering businesses, bars, clubs, luxury resorts and hotels, and superyachts. NZSFW graduates, because of the highly practical nature of this course, are attractive to prospective employers.

Page Updated: 13 Mar 2024

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  • 2 September - 20 December 2024


  • Monday - Friday
  • 9:00 am - 2:30 pm
  • Work placement: 60-80 hours

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Auckland is a vibrant, multicultural city beside the sea and touches two oceans - the Tasman and the Pacific. It offers the best of both worlds - all the buzz, entertainment, nightlife and cultural activities of a big city, as well as an outdoor lifestyle with numerous sporting and leisure activities.

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