Urban Forage

Join Park Ranger Riki Bennett and Māori TV chef Rewi Spraggon and his collaborator and  on a guided walk of culinary discovery, where you will learn to identify edible delicacies. 

This is followed by a masterclass and discussion session, before a gourmet lunch featuring traditional ingredients prepared my our chefs in a contemporary way.

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- Guided walk 
- Foraging masterclass  presentation
- Gourmet lunch

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Riki explains the different plants that we see including the punga, silver fern. He holds up puha but explains that this variety has been introduced to New Zealand.

Mutton bird canape

Warm Mutton Bird in pastry cases with Kaiaroha cashew cheese, micro watercress  

Watercress Salad

 Forage Salad of Watercress, NZ Quinoa, Grapefruit segments, toasted hazelnuts, Vinaigrette of Waiheke Olive Oil mustard and Grapefruit juice




Course Requirements


One day

Course Requirements