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Corporate & Team Events

 Kitchen Confidential

Under the watchful eye of our skilled chef-tutors, your team will cook and present a four-course menu, prepared to restaurant standard featuring local and seasonal products.

On arrival, you don your chef's torque and apron and a team briefing explains the recipes. Smaller groups of  of 3-5 people and then work together to prepare one of the courses. The tutors over see the process and introduce new techniques to achieve a top quality result and presentation.  

The goal is to make a delicious dinner paired with fine wines and shared together in our candle-lit dining room. You take home the set of recipes prepared during the evening.

This is one of our most popular events, teams love the results at the end.


Cream of watercress soup with Sourdough bread

Man O’War Sauvignon Blanc, Waiheke Island

Handmade spinach & ricotta tortellini with Shitake cream

Tongue in Groove Riesling, North Canterbury

Organic Canterbury lamb medallions with Sauce Espagnole, Dauphinoise potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Pasquale Pinot Noir, Waitaki, North Otago

Chocolate Roulade with Strawberry coulis and spun sugar

Alpha Domus Late Harvest Semillion Hawkes Bay  

Duration: 3-4 hours: 

  • Cooking for dinner starting by 5pm to serve at 7pm

  • Minimum numbers: 12 pax, Maximum numbers: 24 pax


Food & Wine Dynamics

How do you make successful food and wine pairings?

The mysteries of successful food and wine pairing are revealed as you first discover how your palette works.

We learn how to identify sweetness, acidity, saltiness, and bitterness and why certain food condiments and pairings enhance, while others detract from the wine experience.

The six course tasting menu is savoured with eight different wines - you taste and try as you work through the different flavours of the menu with each wine.

At the end of the evening, you will have discovered something special about YOUR palate and have more confidence in selecting different wine styles to accompany your meals and impress your friends.

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

  • Minimum numbers: 15 pax, Maximum numbers: 60 pax
  • Menu & wine selection can be themed to a country or region
  • A tasting menu can be customised to your preferences

Get a group together for this fun evening and we will explain, through a selection of food and wine pairings, how your palate works.


Team Cocktails

Have fun learning some tips and tricks about how to make delicious cocktails and master the art of bartending. We start with an introduction to the classic styles and then break you into groups to have a go.


  • Espresso Martini - a good way to start the evening with a kick of caffeine 
  • Raspberry Collins - a classic drink that helps you learn how to balance the different aspects of flavour on your palate
  • Pisco Sour - the refreshing combination of sweet and sour shaken up with the famous Pisco brandy from South America
  • French Martini - a sophisticated drink of Chambord and pineapple

 6 course finger-food canapé  menu accompanies the event.

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

  • Minimum numbers: 12 pax, Maximum numbers: 40 pax


Team Wine Tasting & Quiz Night

Wine is so popular and there are over 3000 different grape varieties from diverse regions around the world.

Get together a group of friends, colleagues or clients to up-skill your wine knowledge.

Learn how to taste just like a professional. To test your new found knowledge, we have designed a wine quiz where groups of 3-5 compete with each other for a final prize.

We start with an introduction to key wines to be tasted and how to identify the aromas of the wines.  We then move on to a wine quiz, which involves questions about each of the mystery wines tasted, during a blind tasting.

This evening is informative yet casual and guaranteed to be lots of fun.

Platters with cheese, charcuterie, antipasto, breads and dips will also be served.

Duration: 2 - 3 hours

  • Minimum numbers: 15 pax, Maximum numbers: 60 pax

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Based in Auckland's CBD near the Viaduct Harbour, our food and wine events are a great way for your team, colleagues, partners and/or clients to have a FUN and rewarding team building experience.

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